11th World Hindi Conference Commences In Mauritius

By Observer Desk

A three day 11th World Hindi Conference begins in Mauritius with view to strengthen Hindi Bhasha here on Saturday. This aims to develop, to make augmentative Hindi Bhasha in its original practice. The conference begins with the address of the Prime Minister of Mauritius, Pravin Kumar Jagannath. ‘More than 500 million people speak Hindi across the globe, therefore the same language should also be accorded by the United Nation as the language of the world, he [Prime Minister of Mauritius, Pravin Kumar Jagannath] stated in his inaugural speech’.

Quoting Mr. Modi’s speech in World Economic Forum in Davos later this year, Mr. Jagannath also emphasizes that India has gain lot of things including political, cultural and economic clouts on global stage, in which Hindi played an important role, and even it can add more to it. He also emphasizes that the need of Hindi to be increased more to connect with people across the global communities. He added that ‘speech in Hindi sends strong message to the people at large, which can be further embrace the whole world to connect to our roots’. India and Mauritius are link due to Hindi languages, alongside, it also connects with our values, traditions, cultures and ethos.

Hindi curved as a niche of its at global level, approx. six hundred universities around the world are teaching Hindi, and thousands of students are being taught through; he [Mr. Jagannath] ‘quoted Kunal Kohli, the Indian Film Maker announces to make a film on Ramayana linking Mauritius to it’ which testifies bonhomie between these two nations India and Mauritius, he emphasizes it should be called as “Blood Relation” and will pray it forever.

While speaking to The Observer’, Dr. R. Ramesh Arya, a member of delegation from India said that it’s a nice call for all of us [Indian] especially Hindi speaking people, and he also underlines the necessity of Hindi Language to go on and on. He lauded the collaboration with social and cultural organizations to get together for the betterment of the Hindi language for both countries, and further it could laud more.

From India, several dignitaries including Smt. Sushma Swaraj, Minister of External Affairs, govt of India, who will have the opening statement of this world level conference, Dr. Prasoon Joshi, Prof Ram Manohar Pathak, Krishna Kumar Asthana, Dr. Kamal Kishore among others, while, Dr. Shashi Dookun, Gulshan Sooklall, Suttyhudeo, Dr. Alka Dunputh are part of conference. These members also have to speak on several listed points, comprising “The preservation of Indian culture through Film, Mass Communication, Media and India Culture, Diaspora – Language and culture, Children literature, Inter relationship between language and folk culture, development of language through innovation and technology etc. 

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