A Motion Without Confidence

By Mahesh Thakur

Last week, the NDA -II government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, faced its biggest challenge, after entering into its 4th year of office. The Telugu Desham Party’s led No-confidence motion was probably moved considering the dissenting voices of some BJP MPs in the recent past and in view of the public criticism of government by some of its allies. The debate on the motion, however, proved it to be a hurried act, on the part of opposition, without much of ground work.

The tool of No-confidence motion is available to Lok Sabha and is rooted in the principle of collective responsibility of the Council of Ministers to the Lok Sabha. After a long lapse of 15 years a government in centre has faced this motion. This motion not only provides the opposition a method to test the popularity and support, which a government enjoys in the house, but also gives an opportunity to the opposition to unite and highlight the weaknesses and failures of the government.

In bringing the present No-confidence motion, the opposition, however, not only appeared ill-prepared, but totally feeble and without any confidence. The weak performance of the members who rose to support the motion further dampened the spirit of opposition and made it an exercise in futility.

Further, riding on the popularity and performance of his government, Prime Minister Mr. Modi gave a sterling performance and demolished the half-baked and poorly presented arguments of the opposition. Against the performance of government, the No-confidence motion seemed like a self-goal scored by the opposition. It needs much more concerted effort and seriousness on the part of opposition to highlight the weaknesses and failures of the government. Such half-hearted approach, if continued to be adopted, will lead to a complete debacle of opposition in 2019.

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  1. I think it’s collectively right, at the same time the Congress should have done good homework before going for this motion.. altimtely Congress gets cypher..

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