A Ramna Boy Got Infamous for his Passion

There are millions who have been blaming the situation around and living the same life they were given and there are few, who challenge their lives by challenging their limits. See the journey of an young Youtuber (Rajaram Prasad), who will set to realize that you do not need anything to perform better in life, just to pursue your interest, passion and hard work will give you everything.

By Ravi Ranjan

Winners do not whine and winners do not whine. Winning is the result of continuous effort, sheer determination, bone breaking hard work and the passion to change the world around. There are many people who keep on blaming, keep on criticising the situation that they have the financial conditions, the family background and what not. There are few rare who do not care what the God has not given them. They take up a plan and start working on their dream with handful of the resources God has bestowed him with thanking the God. These are the people who create history, earn applaud and change the world around.

Rajaram Prasad, a passionate and successful youtuber of Jharkhand with more than 23 lakhs followers. Mr. Prasad, who hails from a small village of Ramna at Garhwa district and from a humble background. What he has done could be called as ‘rarest’ thing he has achieved as yet. He has seen the harsh reality of the life from the very beginning. Rajaram Prasad did not have much financial supports from the family; notwithstanding, he won several awards across the spectrums. Rajaram did his schooling from the local government school, as he lost his father in early age. He was in pell-mell to what to do or not, subsequently he was advised by some of senior to join network marketing and that attracted him to do.

One day miracle happened as he was introduced among the crowd in sphere of youtube. And then he started doing that on regular basis. Gradually, he began to make videos on technical part to which it was known to him at some extent. Six months down the line, he got enough money which has another setback for him, as someone took his ATM card and withdrew amount from his account. But all these incidents couldn’t stop him from the front-running; he was continuing in making videos and educating his followers. Rajaram has been invited for fan fest by youtube twice. He is earning fair amount, living a good life and more importantly he is inspiring the youngsters to do something interesting and attractive. Apart from it he also won several awards in various fields.

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