Apex Court To Accept Compensation Scheme For Acid Attack And Sexual Assault Victims

By Observer Desk

The Apex Court has accepted the compensation scheme prepared by National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) for the survivors of acid attack and sexual assault. The scheme was prepared in pursuant to the Court’s direction in a PIL filed in the year 2012. The Court observed that the model scheme deals only with the minimum that a State is required to do. States are free to form their own schemes on the basis of this model scheme. The scheme applies not only to the survivors of the attack but to the dependants of such victims. Under the scheme husband, father, mother, grandparents, unmarried daughter and minor children of the victim have been defined to be the dependants. The scheme drafted by NALSA as approved the apex Court also provides for the procedure for disbursement of compensation that a victim or her dependants are required to follow.

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