DIG, Vipul Shukla Organises Regular ‘Press Meet’, Explained Police Accomplishments of February Month

Highlights: •146 criminals were arrested, movement begun against 154 Naxals. •Total of 2358 warrants were issued, and 337 properties were seized. •A case related to cyber crime was also found with fraudulent worth of Rs: 71300/- •DIG, Shukla also lauded that police will begin with awareness initiatives post election. •Forces are fully prepared for free and fair election. •So, above records clearly indicate the level of zeal that the officer has been carrying out to make this place better to live. Nearly in decade – the region has got first such enthusiastic police officer who has a firm commitment to make other lives better than before.

Palamau: The range DIG, Vipul Shukla presented the report card for the month of February this year. He highlighted a number of important initiatives to expand and improve the delivery in order to win the trust of the people for police forces in the region.  DIG Shukla also lauded, and categorically mentioned all aspects of its force’s achievements during this month.

The total 146 criminals were arrested from this region, out of that, 81 from Garhwa, 63 criminals from Palamau and two were arrested from Latehar respectively. Movements had also been launched against naxals which got massive success this time, and a total of 154 cases brought down from all districts – 93 from Garhwa, 55 from Palamau and 6 were from Latehar districts. Due to this engagement total of four naxals were arrested from Garhwa and Latehar districts correspondingly.

A total of 2358 warrants related matters were solved, which has been a great accomplishment for our department in a month. The maximum matters of warrants came from Latehar-1898, Garhwa-413, and 47 from Palamau district. Matter related to Kurki [impounding of the properties] were dealt in most speedy manner this time, which resulted 222 from Latehar, 63 from Palamau and 52 cases of seizing properties were closed within a month and that’s a milestone for all of us. Since, this is a team work, therefore, I would like to give credit to the entire team who stood up, and work tirelessly in making it successful, ‘he [Vipul Shukla] asserted’.

During the raids – the police also recovers Rifles, Deshi Katta, a pistol, detonators cane bombs, and a wireless set. So all these items were recovered from the culprits and police has been keeping close eyes on all such activities. This becomes more relevant as election is about to take place in April this year, he says. We are fully prepared for, and we can assure you that election will happen in free and fair atmosphere, and for that; necessary arrangement is done and directives will also be issues whenever it requires, ‘DIG Shukla also emphasises’.

DIG Shukla also stresses on awareness programme to begin; for which he asked support from all sections of society. He further says that we would soon initiate awareness related schemes once the election is over. There will be short film to elaborate more on wickedness that lies amongst us; and that ought to be eradicated, if we want everyone to grow. Our focus areas will be; to put helmet while driving the vehicles, obey the traffic rules, how to stay away from cyber fraudulents etc. He also quoted an example of cyber fraudulent, which took place in Latehar district on the name of ‘Lucky draw’. DIG, Shukla urges that people must register maximum participations in order to make the upcoming events successful so that we all can cherish together, ‘he desires of’

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