Garhwa Police Solved Hasandag’s Murder Case

Growing intolerance towards women is continued in the society at large. Thus, how far we go across? One should have little time to think over. So, it is essential for all of us to promote the gender equality and they should no longer be under the binary.

Garhwa: The Garhwa police solved the case of Hasangad village which happened on March 13. A man killed his wife to continue his extra marital affairs with wife’s sister [Saali].

The police revealed that Ashok Choudhary, husband of Soni Devi, was in love with his [saali] for some time back, and his wife [Sona Devi] was becoming obstacle to it. So, he [Ashok] planned her murder with the help of four contract killers. Victim [Soni Devi] was rapped before being killed.

Initially, Ashok reported that unknown person killed his wife, and then the police suspected the husband of Soni Devi, and started interrogation, then finally learnt the matter for being killed. The police also arrested all accuse persons in this case and sent them to custody for further investigation.

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