Imran Khan – Under Which Docs – Military Or Mullas?

By Observer Desk

Finally – Imran Khan, the chief of Pakistan Tahreek Insaf, feels the test of power, which begins with the time he took oath as Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. He successfully clears all the odds that came the path so far, though it would be interesting to see what steps he takes to improve the encircles that the Pakistan is facing for quite sometimes. Whether, its relations on global level, [especially with India] due to terrorism, week economic, internal conflicts within. Imran has to come from all its pointers that never laid his country away from; if he [Imran Khan], succeeds to his economic and governance agendas of which it seems very difficult to ahead with, then his country may emerge little stronger. His level of governance would decide the fate of 200 million Pakistani’s. And I must wish the new PM good luck for it as India is also suffering because of their inner problems, and we feel the heat of all whatever happen in his country. His priority must be on utmost with India for peace, unless it happens Imran will not be stalwart as he has been advertised like, therefore he should work like that to regain the trust of the people of india over the dark clouds of mistrust.

The conflict with India, being designed by the Pakistani Arm Forces, and elicited by the Islamic leaders like, Hafeez Saeed, Maqsood Azhar, Syed Sllaudin, and more, since the country shaped, and took the center-stage in the global village. He should have guts to get his army controlled by; and that would surely help to have the relations with India to substantive. However, PTI had strongly advocated in support of all of them who generally weaken Pakistan, and even many of their leaders contacted the ban outfits [terrorist organizations] for the sake of votes. Probable FM of Pakistan, Assad Umar, was fairly criticized for the move later he clarifies that intention was not though, which a message was sent to; other leaders of the party had also supported to go for atomic war with India.

There’s no immediate crisis with India. Afghanistan is being bundled in the direction of peace talks.The Saudi-Iran stuff may explode, but it would hardly be a sudden crisis now. The domestic militancy stuff has been tamped down. On the other side, China is locked in and Pakistan a core part of Xi’s big external project. The West is not really looking for a fresh confrontation with Pakistan, barring something on the scale of 9/11 happening and being traced back here. Sure, events can and will happen, but you wouldn’t complain too much about the regional and international hand if you were Imran just now.

Though-the contrast between Mr Khan’s victory speech a day after the general election and Prime Minister Khan’s first speech from the floor of the National Assembly yesterday is an unfortunate one. Confronted by a noisy PML-N opposition that was quite obviously determined to mark Mr Khan’s election as prime minister, while he [Mr Khan] appeared to lose his cool. So, instead of a speech focused on healing political wounds and setting a positive tone for the incoming PTI government, Mr Khan was backwards-looking and seemed more interested in settling political scores.

The speech itself ultimately may not matter, but in a polity where the opposition is mostly focused on tearing down a government, Mr Khan will need to rise above petty insults and provocations, as the politics is all about the game of perceptions. Therefore, Imran must note that. If he does not, he may quickly find his governance agenda overwhelmed by a familiar internecine politics. The small margin by which Mr Khan was elected as prime minister can quickly become a big political problem if the PTI and Mr Khan succumb to emotion instead of governing steadily. Amidst the rowdy scenes in parliament on Friday, there was a bright spot that a maiden parliamentary speech by Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari.

The PPP is lauded that, former president Asif Zardari, and the party once again made a shabby contribution to parliamentary politics by abstaining from the prime ministerial vote. But Mr Bhutto-Zardari did at least remind everyone that parliament needs more substantive speeches. So, being politics of too much will always be bad as part the good governance, and it must be considered with highest regard. Since, Pakistan is under the hot water currently.

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