In Conversation With; Dr. Patanjali Keshri, JDU Candidate From Garhwa Assembly Seat

A series of professionals turning into politics in commissionery which looks fine to land of King Medni. However, it would be interesting to find what it gains out of the recent developments.

Dr. Patanjali Keshri, another doctor turned politician, a BAMS Doctor, who was working into the local block before aligning himself in mainstream politics. He is recently part of JDU, a coalition partner of BJP in the state of Bihar. Dr. Keshri, also member of several social organisations which creates vibrations within the people across all spectrums, regardless of their caste, creeds, race, faith and gender.

A member of Red Cross Society, Paryavaran Pariwar, LIONS Club and so on. He is one of them who played key role in establishing the first ever Citi scan and ultrasound with (a qualified radiologist) in the city of Garhwa, before not being established it at place; the patients were compelled to go outside cities like Ranchi, Patna etc. His initiatives bring dramatic changes in the lives of people at large in the city.

“In a bit session of face to face, Dr. Keshri tries to explain that how he convinced himself to be part of active politics after leaving a lucrative and prestigious post as a ‘Doctor’. Anuj K. Tiwari, Editor ‘The Observer’ gets him to elaborate on some key agendas“.

Why politics after medicines?

You see! I am not a seasonal politician neither to be like that – from the day one, I have been into social works comprising environment protections, cleanness, general awareness and issues including health at top in the agenda. However, note that I have still not been able to join, but making effort to inculcate myself first, and then to people of this place.

See! What has happened to us in last seven decades, the common people of the areas are still destituted from various things. They dont have even basic things to get on – no clean drinking water is available across the district, there are insects passing through in a water being made available for drinking, no sewage system available.

While, we understand that as a human being, we must have quality foods, health, education and drinking water. Even at town, we don’t have sufficient water to take, how we would survive, if this is not solved?.

What are your key points to be fixed, if you contest and win?

‘As it has been said and seeing eye to eyes with the proverbs ‘Self praise is not recommended’. My idea is to join politics for the people’s causes – education will be on paramount in my agenda which is to be driven upon my pursuance. The public education system is fully collapsed, it has become meaningless currently and we would need this to be strengthened during my incumbent. Would like to address other issues too; like health and overall developments.

Having said so, none of us (referring past rulers) have focused upon, I promise that will try to perfume the duty to best of my capabilities.  Apart from – there are bunches of issues rushing behind the scene, which I will try to address too.

How far you go beyond the caste base politics?

I am extremely sorry to say – I would like to avoid caste base politics in my constituency at least. Rather prefer to be shy to it; if we still believe in casteism, the god will not leave for sure. We must work as team, not as individuals. I would work for all, and our institutions are the best example of what I am proclaiming now. Nobody is denied for being served at, everyone can go and get help from; no caste, religions, faith etc are being asked upon. Above all, you need to give sometime with resources then observe my mistakes and let’s seat to discuss, but at this stage I am fully committed for whatever is being cited upon.

Let’s elaborate more on the manifesto that you have vision for?

  • Will make my people self reliance, confidence to be developed within themselves.
  • Will kill corruptions, which kills all of us.
  • There must be a press personals sitting arrangements in the district, as of now, there is no fix place for them.
  • Would like to work upon and address the health sector within existing resources either, can extend it further.
  • Quality education system within the district.
  • More heath centres will be established.
  • Will have a separate cell for each department to address the public’s grievances at the earliest.
  • Will strengthen social fabrics, will have impartial approached towards all walks of lives.
  • Public – People connects/participations etc.

Allegation that you have also been involved in corruption during your stay as Doctor at Block?

Laughed at! I have been a BAMS doctor and you can easily analyse what could my role into the term being used against. Not even single media reporting can be seen against me as far as corruption is concerned. I have mortgage my house to the bank, what else I can say about. But all I can that this is a complete false, baseless, fictitious claim being made against me at this stage. My life has been so far like an open book, please join me in turning the page out.

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