In Interview, Rekha Choubey (Zila Parishad) Expresses Anger on ticket distribution system of political Parties, and its Leadership

Rekha Choubey to contest on the ticket of Lok Janshakti Party (LJP), who to persue career in mainstream politics. She is contesting from Nagar-Bhawnathpur assembly seat. Mrs. Choubey, a vivacious woman candidate across Palamau, who earlier was trying to contest from other parties, however, BJP provides it symbol to sitting MLA Bhanu Pratap Shahi.

GARHWA: Zila Parishad, Rekha Choubey said on Monday, while an interview that she never stay away from helping the people, though others don’t even  think of. I have no hesitation in meeting, hugging people, eating with them. I always enjoy working for, with them at all costs.

She further complained that political parties must learn to understand that people will teach them lesion in upcoming election. The leaders, MLA have become rich, however, common people are still at meagre, and they could hardly been able to manage their bread and butter. While, the newly elected leaders are bagged with massive resources, ‘she points out’

Even criminals, rapists, murderers are being given tickets; expressing disappointments she said that the person lauding for “beti padhao, beti bachao” but when it comes to term he doesn’t remember this.

While the interview touched on an array of issues, including health care, education, women empowerment and social welfare, the investigation dominated the conversation. She said that as far as these segments are concerned that I am heading – there are worlds of difference then and now. There is massive improvement one can find, notwithstanding I am facing legal action for that; there are few FIRs against me for doing this, but I am okay with it as “Janta” is with me.

Mrs. Choubey warned that will take everybody through, if anything goes beyond the parameter sets across. Would, not hesitate to take action if works of public welfare gets hampered. Under my regime – the works are done by applying the collective wisdom. And would also outline circumstances under which works might do so. But she left open the possibility as she expressed deep grievance over an investigation that has taken a political toll, ‘she said’

On being asked, why to step into politics for assembly seat, she expresses desire to work widely for people across. In last 70 years post independence, nothing has happened. Still “Rajtantra” exists in democracy – the one after another comes in, and people feel cheated afterthat. There is no option left for other than “Raj Parivar”. And I would like to break this out. My votebase is extremely well in the constituency and winning too with massive mandates, ‘she added.’

Rekha Choubey, points out that it is painful that government doesn’t care for poor at all. Quoting “self help group” she states that it is not enough to protect their rights, though, it requires more resources for them to strengthen. When I meet villagers specially (women), they asked and get inspired from me, which makes me extremely satisfactorily.

PDS system is almost dead which needs to be reinvented, the ration dealers don’t provide sufficient to its actual beneficiaries, while do sale in the market to get more money, and very sadly all are involved to it.

In the interview, she said that old age pension should also be revamped as it looks that there are more deprived should be benefited. The government should re-evaluate the scheme and a set of beneficiaries to be added. If, I am elected, will surely try my best of ability to sum up with.

I have framed the manifesto, which includes everything that I noticed during four years of stint as Zila Parishad, she added. A severe drinking water shortage in the region, people are still taking water from nala, naddi, chuaddi in even 21st century which is very sad. We would need to think collectively to eradicate from roots.

The interview end with knowing the aspirations which she gets to be elected, as Mrs. Choubey was housewife before stepping into politics, and she says, ‘ I am deeply inspired by my husband Rakesh Choubey, a civil contractor, who develop infrastructure in the areas. Mrs. Choubey said that he (Husband) fought last zila parishad election in which he got defeated, however, he continues doing works as usual, subsequently he met with an accident and in that his one leg got damaged. Then he promoted me, earlier I was not ready, but his motivation makes me stimulated to be part of that.

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