In conversation with, Gautam Rishi Guruji

Gautam Rishi Guruji, Head of (ABGGRF) Aakhil Bhartiya Gurukul And Gaushala Research Foundation is exclusively speaking to the Consulting Editor of The Observer. He outlines the importance of Gau Mata in Indian mythology from Vedas prospectives. And why Indian should care about this and how this influences people’s lives, including healthcare, spirituality.

How do you think Gaumata [The Cow] is important for human civilization, how do you related to it?

Reply: Well, if you look it at larger note. Then there are those who have gone beyond the realms of human-divine- animal continuum and achieve greatness. And all these we are also talking about none other than the Indian cow. The cow is being regarded as the most divine in our society, Hindu community in particular. You cannot ignore the fact what has been written in our all epic. Cow’s Milk, Butter [Ghee], Gobar [Dung] etc. We respect everything related to Gau and that’s why we call it as Gau Mata, though people have problem in saying and listening to the term called [Gau Mata] sometimes. On the other hand. 

How government and civil society behaving irresponsibly when it comes to Gau?

Reply: Unfortunately, the term Gau, Gau mata has been deeply politicized in last few years. Whenever anything happens, firstly Gau is related with that incident and people starting doing political score, whether it relates to that or not; but politics begin with blame game and then we feel sorry about it. As a human and Hindus we must contemplate its values not as animals, rather as life of a living thing, which we hardly do. That is making no-sense.

What is your views on Gau-Rakshak ? Do they really are anti-social elements?

Reply: Not all, few may be of that nature, but strongly disagree with a generalize views that often a group build a narrative. Every society has good and bad people, even amongst us including mine and yours professions, but we cannot say all of them as ill minded. Also note – we must find out those who indulge in anti-social activities and get them book as per the law of the land. But, ensure no innocent is tagged with it.

Our Prime Minister also says that Gau-Rakshak are anti-social. Do you agree with him?

Reply: Please don’t drag me into politics around, I am not like that, neither I know in which the PM talked about, but we should also respect his point of views, if he has said so; lets not make this as political events, please.

How Gau-Mutra is beneficial for; please explain.

Reply: Look! There is a huge benefit of it. A mixture of gomutra and dharuharidra is used for treating epilepsy. Cow urine also purifies the human body from inside out by flushing out all toxins, thereby reducing large number of health risks, including diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure etc. Urine of a pregnant cow is considered special; it is said to contain special hormones and minerals. Cow urine is also used in folk medicine in other countries like Myanmar and Nigeria.

You are also an Astrologer, How it works these days?

Reply: Indeed, I am an Astrologer, and most people believe in it. Are u not?. Look, people must believe in as this is very good thing. With the help of this you can get to know what is going to happen in future.  And how that could be its worse effects. I truly believe in both; astrology as well Vastu-shastra and I would suggest everyone to follow it. Every business house, politician, players, big-gun believe into this and they literally follow for their own benefits. The real astrology is not fraud. Although, there is mis-information being spread out about this, which is not good.

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