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‘Kheti Tech’ Provides Cutting-Edge Technologies to Farmers in Maharashtra

Our farmers need to be better equipped with cutting-edge technologies in order to gain much on agriculture side. Innovations in 21st century will definitely be a game-changer for all of us.

By Anuj K. Tiwari

Mumbai: The concept of agriculture is being replaced with cutting-edge technology, these days. To enable the farmers of Maharashtra, in particular this is being used on large scale, an officials from “Kheti Tech” has said. Slowly, but gradually – the farmers from across the region in Maharashtra are adopting and using the cloud based devices. The data cocking out form soil preserves in server, which can further be utilised by the farmers to see whether crops is raising accurately or not; or what extend water, fertilizers and other, aspects of cultivations can be used to grow the crops. It will also ensure the less use of pesticide in our agriculture products, which also becomes the reason of denunciation of our products to the world markets. In many ways – our products are not being accepted outside India due to high level of pesticide, which also causes monetary loss as well lowing our brand value. So, in order to curtail this, our farmers can go digital on low cost with portable devices.

Our moto is to maximise per acre value by digitising farms, smart farms using cloud based management systems, Real-time actions to optimise farm yield, and maximum use of innovations, as the cultivation happened to be through data, science and knowledge. The measurement of all such cultivations in order to measure and take corrective actions, whenever it needed is, based on the devices, being invented; some of it, the agriculture based company, which provides real-time information on humidity, temperature, soil structure, crop cycles and etc. It can be examined by a portable device. If tool being inserted just 2-3 inches down the earth, then it can give the temperature of the soil, ph content, humidity and moisture. So, it will be much constructive for the farmers across the country, which has been facing multiple problems while cultivating crops. It can also improve the soil quality and decide when and how much water, fertilizers can be used, Ravneesh Dhaneshwar emphasises.

Based on a United Nations FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) report the overall volume of food production worldwide will have to increase by nearly 65% in 2050 to keep up with the rapidly growing global population, as the world wide population is to increase around 10 billion by 2050, which is huge and their needs have to be fullfilled. Therefore, we must be ready to accomodate that as well, he asserted.

He [Ravneesh Dhaneshwar] is of the views; therefore need of the hour is to consistently increase agricultural productivity & efficiency levels – and, thus the importance of “Smart Agriculture” should be encouraged in our country. Smart Agriculture represents the application of modern Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) into agriculture, leading to what can be called a Third Green Revolution. Following the plant breeding and genetics revolutions, this Third Green Revolution is taking over the agricultural world based upon the combined application of ICT solutions such as the Internet of Things (IoT), sensors and actuators, precision equipment, geo-positioning systems, Big Data, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs, drones), robotics, etc.

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