Kirpa Sadan Residents Meet Local MLA

By Observer Desk

New Delhi, (Uttam Nagar) Aug 12, 2018

The residents of Kirpa Sadan, Dal Mill Road meet MLA, Mahendra Yadav today to discuss the issues of the garbage and construction of road nearby. As they [residents] have been facing several issues due to laying garbage there, and the road is also not in good shape which pollutes the locality of the residents.

The delegates, have also handed-over the memorandum of their demands, and pledge to have performed on urgent basis. The residents have been protesting against garbage disposal and pile up nearby them for a long time, and also there is no road for them to step in fairly. A representative of local “A” block was also present in meeting this morning.

“While presenting their complaints with Mahendra Yadav. He [Local MLA] has assured the residents that he has already taken a step ahead with the authority concerned and that possible solutions are being looked at, and road to be constructed soon” Arjun Rana, president of the Kirpa Sadan said.

According to Rana, the MLA has firmly said that things will be done shortly, as the enhancement of MLA funds have been augmented by 10 crores from earlier to its 4 crores”. The other members of delegation, Sanjeev Oberai, as per him,  – we have been flagging the issues for a while. This is serious case of contamination and health hazard. Waste from  all over the locality is being dumped here. We hope a positive result would prevail after the meeting with the MLA, Mr. Yadav.

The delegates including Dr. Arya also expresses hope that issues should be sorted out soon after meeting with Mahendra Yaday, as the situations has become worse during the monsoon. In this meeting, Chitranjan Diwedi, Shantanu Chakrovarty, Gajendra Jha, Madhav Pathak were also present and all of them expressed hope after getting assurance from the MLA.

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