Local Boys Set in Motion for Humanity

A cheque worth of INR: 41500 was handed over to Vijay Soreng's mother, who [Vijay] lost his life in a dastardly terror attack at Pulwama, J&K. A deep commitment by boys encourage others also, these fellow passed 10th in 2000, which further framed a group called "Rotary 2000". A teacher 'Vishal Kashyap' of the same school leads the plan which got massive response.

Palamau: When – an ordinary citizen plans to do philanthropy- it doesn’t necessarily becomes news. A local based WhatsApp group collected worth of INR: 41500/– which was further given to family of Vijay Soreng, who martyred at Pulwama’s terror attack last month. A cheque was handed over by the group’s member Dilip Singh of ‘Rotary 2000’  that was started by some students of ‘Rotary Public School’, who successfully concluded their Matric Exam in year 2000.

It was founded by Abhishek Pandey, which has only three members of that batch initially, but gradually many students of the same year met through other ways, including social media, facebook, and twitter and joined the ‘Rotary 2000’. Now, this group consists of forty members team, who come from all walks of life. These boys are good at social works from very beginning, as they have done some works in past as well.

‘Rotary 2000’ begins a movement in order to collect fund to donate the martyred family under the leadership of Vishal Kashyap, a renowned teacher of Rotary School, based in Daltongunj, when donation reached to its limit, the group decided to hand over to its recipients, the mother of Pulwama’s victim. The members of this group will continue to do such noble works, and also firm to contribute more in days to come, a member of ‘‘Rotary 2000Abhishek Pandey says.

Prominent members of the group are – Vishal Kashyap, Abhishek Pandey, Ajay Sinha, Amarnath, Abhishek Kumar, Arun, Ashwini, Dilip, Gaurav, Govind, Happy, Kranti, Kunal, Manish, Manohar, Nilay, Niraj, Rajesh Agrwal, Vikas Tiwary,Rakesh Gupta,Ravi Rrkash, Rishi, Sahaj, Vikas Ranjan, Satyaprakash, Shailesh Pandey, Shailesh Mishra, Vikas Srivastva, Vivek Dubey, Vikas Ranjan, Shashi Ranjan, Sneh Shil, Tushar, Uttam, Vinit Vibhajan, Pravin etc. 

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