Local MLA, Running Massive Drives for Resolving the Public’s Issues

Satendra Nath Tiwari, the two terms MLA of the Garhwa-Ranka Vidhan Sabha constituency, he first won in 2009 after defeating his opponents Girinath Singh, who had consecutively ruled it for four times. Tiwari, has got more than ten thousands votes in his first inning, while in his second terms the winning edge was comparatively massive as he had got more than twenty thousand. Now, he is fighting for the third time and the ground seems neck to neck this time.

By Neeraj Kumar

Garhwa: Satendra Nath Tiwari, MLA from Garhwa running massive drive to finish the pending tasks such as Old-aged pension scheme, issues related to land records, Pradhan Mantra Awas Yojna, etc. MLA, Tiwari also asked the concerned officials to resolve all such issues quickly and respond to. While, talking to reporters outside block office at Garhwa, he said that almost 70 percent genuine beneficiaries have already benefited from government schemes, however, rest of the population which could be around 30 percent or more will be profited from this camp. The camps have been set-up in each blocks of the constituencies to identify and take appropriate action immediately, there are large number of participants coming to say their words about the challenges they have been facing, ‘the MLA added’.

Outlining his vision towards society, he asserted that government has been doing extremely good works for its people at grass root level which were not done in last 70 years, and we are firm to do more for our people at last row. Government’s aim to provide shelter to every genuine person with dignity. I have been personally looking into the issues coming to me and instructing the team to resolve and share the updated status of the same.

As far as jobs are concerned, MLA, Mr. Tiwari said that employment would be high after the festive seasons end. There are certain problems in job sectors, although we have been able to achieve what we targeted for; nonetheless, it is not an end, we will continue to support, work for our people, and nobody will be out of reach. I had also planned to call for an “investor submit” aiming to bring business to the district which could further help in generating the jobs in the respective sectors. This is, however, couldn’t be done due to approaching of the election’s code of conduct, but I will surely do once the election is over.

On being asked about changing the party, he states that there is no question of doing it. Such myths are being posted by our opponents, who don’t want me to be re-elected. I am also one of the office bearers of the BJP, then how can even I think about it? I am fully concentrated on the people’s causes and its solution at this stage, ‘he emphasises’


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