MeToo Movement, Shifting Role of HR Professionals

By Observer Desk

An assertive metoo movement which dragged several stalwarts from all fields, can too attack on workplace particularly in corporate sector, therefore, human resources managers need to learn the art of listening to the unsaid at workplaces. In changing outlook, the responsibilities of the HR Managers are taking a shift vibrantly to ensure uprightness at workplace.

In academic level, students are being taught to learn human resources management skills including business, negotiations, communication skills etc, though it has not been practice to make them learn as how to deal with unusual practices like what is being talked about today as unhealthy practices leading to movements as “MeToo” that essentially to be added in the human resources management course materials.

After this crusade called “MeToo” the [SHRM] Society for Human Resources Management stresses upon to have the HR professionals to be taught to be comfortable with “Paradigm Shift” that changing the responsibilities at workplace. Though, it has never happened likewise, but may continue in days to come. Therefore, its HR’s responsibilities to be balanced in their approach and help in creating an environment to live and work as inclusive and positive.

“Leaderships must involve at grassroots to see whether system works with its ambit or not. In expanding horizons, they [HR professionals] must be skilled enough to deal with either, seems to be visible at workplace. To train a cadre of objective HR professionals, even institution should also conduct regular sensitivity trainings”.

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