Pak seized Masood’s property after being declared a global terrorist

Islamabad, May 3 (HS): Pakistan has seized the assets of Jaish-e-Mohammad Masood Azhar. He has also banned to travelling other countries. On May.1 the United Nations (UN) declared Masood a global terrorist. India was trying it for 10 years. Pakistan foreign office spokesman Mohammad Faisal said that Pakistan would “immediately enforce the sanctions” imposed on Azhar. A veto-wielding permanent member of the UNSC, China was the sole hold-out in the 15-nation body on the bid to blacklist Azhar, blocking attempts by placing a “technical hold” and asking for “more time to examine” the proposal.The notification issued by the Pakistan Foreign Office on Thursday said that the government has passed the order that resolution 2368 (A 2017) against Azhar will be fully implemented. Officers were instructed that the restrictions imposed against Masood should be fully implemented. Hindusthan Samachar

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