Split in BJP – Braj Mohan Ram Also in Race

Palamau: Braj Mohan Ram is trying for the ticket. He believes that, he has won in past, and too a strong candidate from this seat in this election season.  During, his stint as Member of Parliament, he delivered alot and quite accessible for all. Sources within the party have also confirmed that Braj Mohan Ram is far better and accessible than the current MP, BD Ram. The current MP had been DGP of the state, so his statue still remains as ‘Administrator’ which causes many people to stay away from him. However, Barj Mohan Ram comes from humble background which attracts others to go closer to him. If he [Braj Mohan Ram] doesn’t get ticket for the same, the BJP will badly loose the constituency for sure this time; therefore, the party must consider his candidature, sources asserted.

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