War of Words Begin Between Gathabandhan Vs Mahagathbandhan

Palamau/Garhwa: With announcement of dates for the Lok Sabha Election, the local leaders have started to task so that their parties can win this election. Every party leader is thumping chest and saying that our party will win. The BJP, almost ready to fight under the decisive leader and current Member of Parliament, Vishnu Dayal Ram.

A local BJP leader, Alakh Pandey is of the view that, his party is going to win this election, as nobody can counter Mr. Ram’s leadership. Our workers are fully rejuvenated at this point of time. He [Alakh Pandey] believes in Ram’s leadership. And stated that his clear vision and enthusiasm have been able to unite our local leadership as well, there is no question about his candidature this time. He is a winning candidate of this Lok Sabha constituency.

On the other side, ‘Mahagathbandhan’ has been pushing the candidature of Rajeev Kumar, Ex-DGP for the same, keeping in mind that people of its place can better chose to him over current parliamentarian, and Ex-DGP, B.D. Ram. As per the local leader of the ‘Mahagathbandhan’, the tenure of BD Ram has not been satisfactory and transparent, so he cannot be chosen as MP this time.

While, a local journalist confirms that BD Ram has been better in delivery, and his work is far more visible than any another MP of this seat for a decade. Even, BD Ram is consistently watching out the schemes and its outreach to the people at large, so I don’t see that BJP will risk by not giving him another chance this time also, Abhishek Pandey, a local journalist observes.

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