Why Vishnu Dayal Ram Only? Five Major Factors Play Its Role Into

Finally – all speculations got dead, or yet over since Palamau Lok Sabha seat went in favour of its seating MP. Vishnu Dayal Ram has been continuously in touch with local likeminded leaders of BJP alongside, vowing top leadership in New Delhi also to ensure his re-candidature from here. Indeed, a letter came out, which was suggesting that “all is not okay within the BJP” at least locally. After which, there were conjectures that possibly Mr. Ram won’t get his second term from Palamau.

Palamau: After all, Vishnu Dayal Ram got the momentum. Though, it was not easy either for him, or for entire bunches; several names came out, starting from three consecutive terms MP, Braj Mohan Ram, known to be closed to Nagpur/RSS, Raj Bala Verma, another ex-bureaucrat. And, a newly inducted leader, Prabhat Kumar. Prabhat was with JVM earlier to joining BJP, and he was brought into BJP with assurance that he may get ticket from this seat, a report suggests. After the announcement, it seems nothing worked out.

It is said that ‘politics is a game of possibilities’ and this game VD Ram won it as of now. Now the people of this constituency has to decide his fate in April this year. Soon after he [Ram] realises that he mightn’t be chosen out from here, hence he begun to camp in New Delhi, and did massive effort to retain it. It is learnt that he vows RSS’s leaders too, which probably has ensured his candidature from Palamau.

Let’s look at five factors, which becomes significance for him.

  1. Proximity with Delhi Leadership: It is believed that VD has been much closer to top leaders of the BJP, including party president Amit Sah and Prime Minister Modi, which gives boost to his image, when Narendra Modi visited this place where he observed overwhelming crowd and the credit of this goes to him being member of parliament.
  2. A natural stature: Many within the BJP are of the opinion that VD Ram is a natural figure. He neither own, nor disowned. He makes a distance from all such nauseas that looked to be destruction for his image. At the same time, few people within the party also of the views that VD Ram is not; what is being talked about. He favours to those, who are intact with him personally.
  3. Closeness with RSS’s brass. It is also learnt that RSS local [Palamau] leadership like VD Ram, as MP from this constituency. A local RSS personnel says that he is being liked due to his behaviour and he hasn’t become a political turn coat so far.
  4. Discernible MP: Many believe that after long time, people witnessed a visible face in this region. No previous MPs were seen this region after winning the election. However, the other side contradicts this and question his intent. It has also been talked that VD Ram has set milestones by working hard including; re-opening of Rajhurra Colliery, Garhwa bypass road etc. although, he [VD Ram] couldn’t fulfil his promise of re-opening for Japla Cement Factory, which has already being sold out to a private body.
  5. Considering a tough-race with Mahagathbandhan: It is significance that the congress-led alliance trying to fill another Ex-DGP as candidate from this constituency. Based on the reports that BJP might lose this seat, if the ‘Mahagathbandhan’ gives ticket to a strong candidate and in wake of that Ex-DGP Rajeev Kumar name was flashed. So, BJP central leadership persuaded over the inputs received from local level, and decide to pronounce his candidature. It has also been witnessed that Mahagathbandhan will be stronger over him only if the ticket is given to Ghuran Ram, since he is a known face of the region, and worked hard to be on limelight. He [Ghuran Ram] came into flashpoint during a march against the judgement of the Supreme Court with regard to abolition of ST/SC atrocity act, which was further turndown by the central government. But, since the congress is rigid to be-gala from Palamau Lok Sabha seat and may ask Rajeev Kumar to contest from, however, the decision is not yet announce. It is assumed that the other side will soon clear their picture from Palamau.


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