Xiaomi Redmi Y2: Big selfie phone in a small budget

Among the Chinese players that have carved out a niche for themselves in the smartphone market in India, Xiaomi is among the top. What has worked in its favour so far is its focus on providing Indian users with reliable devices at relatively lower cost.

The launch of Redmi Y2, successor to the Redmi Y1, at Rs 9,999, is very much in line with this strategy.

In fact, the Redmi Y2 has two variants. The 4GB Ram and 64GB internal storage variant is priced slightly higher, at Rs 12,999, compared to the 3GB RAM + 32GB onboard storage variant which is priced at Rs 9,999 (that we reviewed).

With a 16MP front shooter, dual rear camera and fingerprint and face unlock features, the Redmi Y2 targets the young and the stylish and its USP is the Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered camera technology that promises to automate the beautification process in images based on the user’s age and gender.

But how good is it in delivering on the promises that the specifications of the phone make? Let’s have a look.

In terms of look and feel, there could always be scope for improvement and this could well be said of phones of most of the brands. But there is actually not much reason to dislike the design of the Redmi Y2.

It is a big phone, but it fits well in the hands and hardly poses any hurdle in navigation, made easier by the MIUI “intuitive” gesture controls.

This feature is useful for single-hand navigation as it enables you to go back to a previous menu with a swipe of your finger — up, left, or right. You can easily do away with the need of pressing the “back” or “home” buttons.

While the tiny bezels make it even more appealing, the 5.99-inch “Full Screen” display featuring an 18:9 aspect ratio is designed to make media streaming on the device a delightful experience.

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